Working with Parents

I have often found in my work with young people that it can be even more helpful to work with their parents/carers.  Working with parents can help to shift a family dynamic in a way that helps the child.

Young people often ‘react’ to pressures on the family or dynamics between family members.  They can withdraw into themselves, experience low mood, be badly behaved, be overly care taking of others, or be anxious or angry.  

It is unhelpful to think of this as ‘blaming the parents.’  Life is hard at times.  Parents may be dealing with illness, stress, financial pressures, relationship breakdown or have unresolved issues from their own adverse childhoods, and be finding the raising of children to be challenging.

Parents need support and encouragement at times.

Each child is unique, one child can respond well to your parenting style whilst another ‘kicks off.’  Sometimes a child needs something different from a parent, a different way of approaching parenting that suits their particular needs, something that is different to the ‘normal’ approach to parenting.

I can work with parents who are finding it hard to deal with their child’s issues and want to find ways of shifting the family dynamic.