To slay this stress monster … you first have to understand it in your mind.  Geoff Shattock

There are times when stress can be a great motivator but you know when stress is adversely affecting you when life begins to feel more like a battle.

To be fearful of a realistic threat is a helpful mechanism which allows us to act in the moment to avoid that threat.  However, to carry a general sense of anxiety around can leave us feeling out of control, tired, unhappy and unable to work well.

Anxiety and fear trigger our nervous system into a ‘fight or flight’ response which, if activated over longer periods of time, can result in physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach ulcers, chronic fatigue, unexplained pain, irritable colons and panic attacks.

As a professional counsellor with personal experience of being in pressured environments I can provide some practical help to reduce daily anxiety, but I also have the expertise to help you unravel the deeper unconscious sources of your ongoing stress and anxiety.

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