Eating and drinking are fundamental practical needs for humans but are also integrally linked to emotions and relationships.  How many of us reach for food or drink treats after a tough day?  Many of us spend quality time with friends and family over meals, drinks or sweet treats.

When things go wrong in life our attitude or feelings toward food and drink can be affected.  Over eating or binging can satisfy unmet or unacknowledged needs.  Excessively restricting one’s eating can be a way of controlling things in life when life feels out of control.

Alcohol or other substances can provide quick relief from unpleasant and painful feelings.  Once the effects are over we can be left feeling shame and more pain, prompting a desire for that quick relief again and so the cycle continues.  It is the underlying pain that needs to be dealt with.

Here are two videos that explain the roots of substance addiction and how to move forward:

Drugs dont cause addiction

The opposite of addiction is connection

Talking about these issues can help you uncover what drives some of your habits and addictions, giving you an opportunity to reflect and find more helpful ways of supporting yourself through challenging situations.