‘What is my goal in life?’ ‘What am I striving for?’ ‘What is my purpose?’ These are all questions that every individual asks himself at one time or another, sometimes calmly and meditatively, sometimes in agonising uncertainty or despair. They are old, old questions which have been asked and answered in every century of history. Yet they are also questions which every individual must ask and answer for themselves, in their own way.   Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person, 1961

Carl Rogers was one of the founding fathers of modern humanistic counselling and in my experience these are still questions that many people find themselves asking when facing illness, low mental health or challenging times.  Sometimes they are called existential questions.

For others, experiencing difficult issues can disrupt and challenge previously firmly held beliefs, leaving them in a place of doubt and confusion. For some these questions are linked to spirituality and the meaning of life. For others it can be a desire to find out ‘who I am’.

I have specific training that helps me provide a non-directive and safe space for people to articulate and explore their beliefs around purpose, identity and spirituality if they wish. Acknowledging these questions in the counselling process can enrich the journey toward personal maturity and enable us to choose meaningful direction for our lives.

For some these issues form a key part of their journey, for others it does not.  As with all issues brought to counselling I follow the lead and wishes of the client.

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